We welcome applications from motivated PhD holders with common research interests for post-doctoral fellowship applications, including Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, Newton International Fellowship, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship, EMBO fellowship and other national and international fellowships. 

We are also open to Ph.D. applications from those having at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in a biological or computational subject and with a strong interest in learning microbial ecology and/or evolution using experimental or computational approaches.



There are also a number of funded positions opening very soon for applications:

  • PhD studentship "Unravelling the ecology and evolution of abundant but unexplored microbes".

Funded for 48 months by the Royal Society and the University of Aberdeen. Starting in October 2021.

Due to funding requirement, this studentship is only available to UK nationals (or those under similar status) and will provide funding for tuition fees and stipend.

This project aims to determine the key ecological and evolutionary mechanisms allowing microbial adaptation, diversification and activity in diverse terrestrial and marine environments. The project will initially focus on free-living and symbiotic Thaumarchaeota but could also expand to other bacterial and archaeal lineages of interest depending on the interest of the applicant. The project is highly flexible, and a range of approaches could be used to answer diverse questions and would include, for example, bioinformatics, stable-isotope probing, cultivation, field studies or proteomic. Expertise of the applicant and area of research interest should be clearly explained in the cover letter upon application.

Informal research enquiries should be made with Cécile Gubry-Rangin (c.rangin@abdn.ac.uk) and specific research areas of interest can be discussed. Formal application procedure will be released soon.

  • Research assistant in bioinformatics: stay tuned, several positions will open soon!