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About the Lab

Our current research is directed toward understanding ecological, physiological and evolutionary adaptation of microbial populations, especially those playing fundamental processes in a key step of the global biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen, ammonia oxidation. We are also directing new research studies on microbial communities interacting with ammonia oxidisers or thriving in similar habitats.


This research is performed at the ecological level, through analysis of community activity and stability (resistance/resilience) to environmental perturbations such as temperature change, or deforestation in oil palm plantations, and  over the longer-term evolutionary scales, determining mechanisms leading to 2.5 billion years of diversification (e.g. horizontal gene transfer, gene duplication, molecular selection) associated with acidophilic or terrestrial environmental adaptation.

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Research Themes

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Ph.D. applications

We are open to Ph.D. applications from those having at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in a biological or computational subject and with a strong interest in learning microbial ecology and/or evolution using experimental or computational approaches.

Post-doctoral fellowship applications

We welcome applications from motivated PhD holders with common research interests for post-doctoral fellowship applications, including Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, Newton International Fellowship, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship, EMBO fellowship and other national and international fellowships.

Latest News

Lab Life

Welcome back!

Jack resumes his work with our group after EastBio PIPS internship. For EastBio PIPS internship, Jack worked with the Scottish Government,  in which he assessed current policy needs regarding fertilisers in Scotland.

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New PhD Position Opening!

Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of sponge-associated microbial communities:

Application deadline:

30th June, 2024

Open to  international students and is fully funded



Welcome new member!

Jonathan Joined our lab on 2nd of May and will be working in the group to October.

He will do assay development and ecological studies on BNI candidate compounds in soil while he is in CGR lab.

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New paper published!

In collaboration with researchers in China, we rencently publised a paper on the Journal of Environmental Management, "AOB Nitrosospira cluster 3a.2 (D11) dominates N2O emissions in fertilised agricultural soils". 

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